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Bright Stars is proud to announce that our NINJA WARRIOR program has taken a 
big step to be even bigger and better!  
Our current NINJA program is now under a transformation as we transition to 
becoming an official NINJAZONE Club!


NinjaZone Clinics
What is NinjaZone?
NinjaZone is a sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and street dance/parkour. NinjaZone embodies discipline, focused energy, and skill.
Why NinjaZone?
At Bright Stars, we are proud to say that we were one of the first gymnastics facilities in the area to offer a full Ninja Warrior program for our students. With the implementation of the NinjaZone program, we will be bringing our Ninja program to the NEXT LEVEL!
Our NinjaZone classes will continue to incorporate obstacle course training, martial arts and gymnastics, but in an even more exciting and successful manner!
Your child will continue to enjoy Ninja training which includes doing flips, rolls, and kicks. The gymnastics training and obstacle courses are both designed to help improve total body coordination, build strength, and improve agility.
You will notice new and improved obstacle courses, weekly character development goals as well as an enhanced curriculum that challenges our Ninja athletes each and every week.
Beyond skills, this program teaches:
  • Self-confidence
  • Discipline
  • Impulse control
  • Responsibility
  • Instinctual safety (how to roll when you fall, how to avoid injury- great for use in other sports)
  • Improved agility
NinjaZone class students should wear their NinjaZone uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at the front desk for $30.00.



Ninja Information Sheet
“My husband and I notice how much better our son moves and his strength and flexibility has improved.”- C.M. 
Ninja Warrior Flyer

Little Ninja Warrior  (Boys 3-4 years) 45 Minute class

Ninja Warrior Jr.  (Boys 4-5 years) 45 Minute class

Ninja Warrior (Boys first grade and older 7) 55 minute class

Ninja Warrior  (Girls 1st Grade and older) 55 Minutes




A high energy tumbling and conditioning class specifically designed for girls interested in body movement as a way of propelling around/across an area.  The class will use principles of balance and strength training to develop body awareness with safety as a priority.  The girls will enjoy climbing, swinging and navigating through obstacles that will increase strength, agility and coordination. tumble basics such as cartwheels and roundoffs will be also be taught throughout our state of the art facility. 

Boys Gymnastics  55-minute class 
Our Boys instructional gymnastics classes are structured around increasing strength, agility, focus and physical fitness. The boys will work on each of the six pieces of equipment in boys gymnastics - floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. As in all of our instructional classes, the curriculum and skills are based on guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics.
“My experiences at Bright Stars have been so much better than other local gyms. They are helpful, inclusive, and professional.” K.B. 





Our NinjaZone, gymnastics and tumbling classes allow children to increase strength, agility, speed, balance and coordination which is the foundation needed to allow success in all other sports.  


NinjaZone class students should wear their NinjaZone uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at the front desk for $30.00.  Boys attending gymnastics or tumbling classes should wear COMFORTABLE ATHLETIC CLOTHES FREE OF BUCKLES, BELTS AND ZIPPERS.*