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Annual Gym Show

Every June, Bright Stars proudly hosts our annual Gym Show! This is the highlight of every student’s gymnastics year!
Every class participates in an Olympic–style gymnastics exhibition. Each student performs their extraordinary gymnastics achievements before their parents, relatives and friends (and their cameras and videos.) Each level will perform their very own warm up routine followed by performances on specific gymnastics equipment. We climax the show with a dramatic Team/Staff exhibition and award presentation where students receive customized trophies for their accomplishments!

Gym Show 2017 Flyer
Gym Show FAQ



Gym Show includes all students from Twinkling Stars, Sparkling Stars, Rising Stars, Novice 1 & 2, Intermediate, Advanced, Top Notch, Ninja Warrior Jr., Ninja Warrior, Boys Gymnastics, Tumbling, and all All Star and USAG Team Programs! (Itty Bitty Stars, Tiny Twinkling Stars, and all Ballet/Gym Combo classes have their very own Tiny Talent Showcase- please scroll down to see information about that exciting performance!)
All students will receive a special Gym Show uniform, which will match perfectly with the theme.

Bright Stars goes “all out” for this incredible performance and reserves an off-site location which we transform into a spectacular performance area comfortable for performers as well as spectators!

Mark your calendar for an emotional, prideful experience your family will treasure forever!  
Sunday, June 25, 2016

We also host a TINY TALENT SHOWCASE each year.  
Tiny Talent Showcase 2017 Flyer
Tiny Talent Showcase FAQ
Our Showcase allows our tiniest friends to perform for their families and friends in the comfort of their own gym.  They also receive a special gym show uniform and custom award.  
Children in our Itty Bitty Stars, Tiny Twinkling, Baby Ballet and Ballet/Gymanstics Class will perform in our Tiny Talent Showcase.

This was our first year taking part in the Bright Stars Gym Show, and we are so proud that our children were a part of it.  Your amazing staff did an incredible job of putting the gym show together.  The abilities of all the students at all levels were showcased.  It was also impressive to see the skills of the teachers as well.  Our children loved performing their routine for our whole family.  At the young age of four, they were filled with such pride and accomplishment!! Bright Stars did a phenomenal job of pacing the show, making it an entertaining and enjoyable event to watch.  Observing the various levels of gymnasts was so interesting, it's amazing to see what our children have to look forward to.  Bravo Bright Stars!!
  - Tom & Bridget C.
“At our daughter’s 1st show a couple years ago, not only did my husband have tears in his eyes but he stopped me and said ‘This is the best thing you’ve ever done!’”
– D.P.